Esaglam software

After Star Wars..Me and my team, we have just created 2 softwares that could run together into the same holographic pyramid and/or on a LCD screen. The first is a software (with six degrees of freedom), which allows interactions (without glasses or helmets!) with a simple webcam, for the user in front of a giant render (Photorealistic) in real-time: the user simply moves the head and the image shows the depth of the space. Why we have to show, only the Classic, static renders? We are able to move our eyes inside the new spaces of architecture. We are unique in the world: the shadows and the lights of the 3D models represented with translucent materials will change, depending on the position of the observers. This has also been proposed for the Windeshausen Luxembourg store 3D hologram: with M.Tonon we conceived an interaction for every smartphone, by a simple QR code; the user moves the smartphone on the air in front of the 3D, and this last follows the movements. See the pictures for the Azimut headquarter in Milano (with Gianluca Signaroldi for concept layout), for the Milano Linate airport example, built for Brebemi during the Expo (see picture with Presidents Modiano and Bettoni), and the Mini Holo built for KLM Air France, for the Amsterdam Airport.