Westminster University

Exhibition organized with the London Festival of Architecture, inside the Westminster University, with prof. Harry Charrington and Ben Stringer. Thanks to Angelo Garioni Sabadini, Cristiano Zanetti, Mario Carotti. The London Festival of Architecture began in 2004, and has since grown to become the world’s largest annual architecture festival. The festival attracts a vast public audience – well over 800,000 people in 2019 – and a global media audience of millions. The vast majority of events are free, and are staged by a core festival programming team working alongside architecture and design practices and practitioners, leading cultural and academic institutions, artists and many others. In 2017 the London Festival of Architecture was named by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as one of his design advocate organisations, and is working alongside the Mayor’s team to champion architecture, provide expertise and guidance, and help to make London a better city. We proposed also an important interview with emeritus professor Joseph Rykwert. Wooden models built by Ivan Simonato, colleague of Centro Studi Andrea Palladio, Vicenza.